What Is Healthy?

The amount of times I have been told “you are so healthy”, “all of your food is so good and healthy”. Am I really healthy? Sure, a lot of the food I eat may be nutritious but does that make me healthy? If I eat something which is considered ‘unhealthy’ am I no longer worthy of being called healthy anymore? I believe being healthy is not just about what you eat but being healthy overall, and a big part of being healthy is having a healthy mind. People only see the exterior of another, not what is going on inside or behind closed doors.

Just because you eat a certain type of food does not make you healthy or unhealthy

Eating healthy is about how good it makes you feel – whatever you eat. You do not need to restrict yourself to eating certain types of foods to be healthy. A wide range and variety of foods should be eaten (medical conditions allowing). Just because a person eats certain types of food does not make them healthy or unhealthy, health should be as a whole.

Health comes as a package, it should be in all aspects of your life

Does going to the gym/working out deem you as healthy? Eating certain foods and working out does not always mean healthy. I used to work out 6 to 7 times a week and with that restricted food to only eating certain types of food, this does not make me healthy, it is anything but, my mind and thoughts have been severely distorted, making my behaviour towards food and exercise an unhealthy one, but yet when people see you eating certain foods and exercising with weight loss as a result, you are then classed as healthy. I think we need to look at the bigger picture that what we think is healthy is not always as it seems, health comes as a package, it should be in all aspects of your life, not just from what you eat and how many times you work out.

Health is to live my life to it’s fullest, to be happy and content in myself

I now workout 3 to 4 times a week, sometimes even less, a lot of the time yes it is motivated by my ED (not always), and my restriction is still there, so my thoughts and behaviours are still not healthy, but I get a lot of motivation from others that what I do is ‘good’ because it is socially seen as ‘healthy’. This can further fuel me to continue as I want to keep up this ‘healthy’ lifestyle, that if I deviate and eat other foods then it will be seen as ‘bad’ and ‘unhealthy’, making me feel that I should comply to the social ideal and anything but that ideal will make me feel I am not doing good enough. That should never be the case, I cannot emphasise enough that what we eat does not determine our health, we should be able to eat what we want and not be placed in a healthy or unhealthy category, and we should never feel pressured to be seen as being the epitome of health. Living life and being happy is so much more important than striving to live up to this ideal.

Please see that things are not always as they seem, trying to be ‘healthy’ can in actual fact be the opposite. Do not base health on only eating a particular food or being active at the gym. For me, health is when I am at my happiest and eating all the foods I enjoy and love without restriction and without any pre thoughts of what I will be eating, or post thoughts of what I have just eaten. For me, health is to live my life to it’s fullest, to be happy and content in myself.

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