Places To Eat In Berlin

My first time in Berlin was such a wonderful experience, I have been wanting to visit the city for a while as I was intrigued to learn about it’s history and experience first hand what it had to offer. My experience of Berlin was a truly memorable one, it really is a wonderful city, with many places to see and experience. I wanted to share with you the food aspect of my trip, where I ate and what I ate in Berlin, and I hope you find it helpful if you are planning a visit or if you ever go to Berlin.


Hard Rock Cafe

I absolutely love Hard Rock Cafe! I love the feel and atmosphere of this chain, and those of you who don’t know, I am a Hard Rock Cafe pin collector! So if I visit any city that has a Hard Rock Cafe then I will try to go just to get a pin. Looking at the menu, I noticed a new black bean and quinoa burger, so I decided to give it a try. I asked for the relish/sauce on the side as I usually like to eat plain, and swapped the bun for sourdough bread.

The patty was delicious! It didn’t need any sauce in my opinion as it was flavoursome enough on it’s own. The patty itself included black beans, sweetcorn and peppers and some other ingredients which I cannot remember. There was the option to sit inside, on their rooftop and outside, and we decided to sit outside as it was a pleasant and warm day. Overall it was such a good meal and the service was excellent, probably one of the best we have ever experienced.

Click here for Hard Rock Cafe’s website



We actually just stumbled across Nanoosh whilst having a walk near our hotel. We were not looking for somewhere to eat, but we saw it and thought – this looks good, we’re both a bit hungry, let’s give it a go!

I ordered this mushroom, onion and hummus wrap which came with quinoa on the side. This tasted absolutely amazing! The hummus was very tasty, and being a Mediterranean restaurant I guess that is one of the things they would do best!

Serving Mediterranean and mostly organic food, with vegan and vegetarian options, there is a wide range to choose from. From soups to salads, to sandwiches and wraps and traditional hummus plates. You can also build your own meal!

Gary chose this hummus dish, which I believe may have been called the ‘masabaha’, which he thoroughly enjoyed!

Click here for Nanoosh’s website



I had actually found this place online when I was looking for places to eat in Berlin, and this caught my eye as the menu had such variety and a wide range of options, and we actually visited here twice. The first time was in Alexandraplatz, a busy tourist area, but ideally located on a side street of the main square. The restaurant was airy and spacious with comfy seating and lots of pillows! Our second visit was in Berlin’s famous Bikini Berlin shopping centre where we dined in their rooftop section of the restaurant which had a nice busy nightlife vibe.

The top picture is what I had on my first visit, it was meant to be a halloumi burger but I replaced the bun for salad and quinoa and a side of Hokkaido-humus (which contains pumpkin and chickpeas). I enjoyed this so much and it was a generous portion size.

Gary’s had the ‘Spreegold’s Backhahnchenschnitzel’ (Crispy Chicken & Truffle)

The second visit I had this vegan veggie bowl which consists of vegetable pasta (this was made from carrot), pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, herbs and Hokkaido hummus. Though nice and warm, I felt that it was just a little too bland, perhaps it needed more salt, but it was a little disappointing after our first visit, however there is so much choice on the menu, with so many dishes I would like to try, so if I ever go back to Berlin I will be sure to visit Spreegold again.

Click here for Spreegold’s website


Dean & David

This was more your salad type bar, with various salad options, from set salads to create your own salad. They also do flatbreads, sandwiches and wraps, also curries and soups. On both occasions I dined here I opted for a create your own salad, because to me it just makes sense to get what you want in your salad! You choose the size, 3 basic ingredients, and you can add any premium extras, and all create your own salads come with a leafy base. This is a quick, easy option if you are in a hurry or want something simple or on the go. It tasted so fresh and filling, and with various branches throughout the city which all have a modern airy dining area.


Gary opted for a set salad called ‘surf & turf’ which contained grilled beef strips, king prawns, tomatoes, edamame, red onions, gran biraghi (Italian hard cheese), sesame, basil – he actually did not expect it to be as good as it was, it filled him up but left him with a light, satisfied stomach.


Click here for Dean & David’s website


Funk You

I stumbled across Funk You whilst walking through the Bikini Berlin shopping centre. Funk You is a natural food eatery. They do a variety of juices, smoothies, coffees, food and desserts, and offer raw, sugar free, gluten free and soy free cakes and bars. If you want a quick snack or bite to eat or even just a sit down with a smoothie then this would be a perfect place to try. I didn’t stop to dine here but I bought this raw vegan snickers cake dessert to take away and it was absolutely devine! I would definitely go back here to try the food if I ever visit Berlin again as I am very intrigued to give it a try as they have a very simplistic but tasty looking menu, so I can only tell you that the dessert was amazing, so if you are looking for a dessert, whether you are vegan or not, you must give this a try!

Click here for Funk You’s website

Let me know if you have found this helpful, if you are planning a visit to Berlin or if you do visit any of these places I have recommended, I would love to know what you think!


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