Pana Chocolate: My Review

Love chocolate? Well you will fall in love with chocolate all over again after you have tried Pana Chocolate!

When I first tried this brand I just couldn’t believe how amazingly indulgent it tasted! All of the flavours I have tried so far are true to their flavour – you get a distinct taste of all flavours in every bar. I am genuinely stunned at how amazing this chocolate is. Think of a brownie but as a chocolate bar…is that possible? Yes! You get a good bite size with each square, with a soft creamy texture that just melts in your mouth. I also adore the packaging, the print on the black backdrop of each box has a subtle representation of it’s flavour (so does the foil wrapper inside), and the metallic font embedded into the front of the box gives it a sophisticated look. As well as the pleasingly aesthetic design of the box, it actually keeps the chocolate secure and deters if from getting damaged.

Though very hard to choose a favourite flavour, I am very keen on the mint (well I am a big fan of mint, so there you go!) But honestly after taking a bite you can really taste the mint flavour, and my mouth and throat is left with a little mint tingle due to the pure essential peppermint oil, so this makes it a refreshing choice and great for an after dinner dessert.



Each 45g handmade bar is raw and organic. It comes as a whole block of 6 chunky squares which you can break off and is kept in a foil wrapping which retains it’s freshness.




Pana Chocolate offer an astounding variety of different unique flavours, including:

  • Sour Cherry & Vanilla
  • Sixty
  • Eighty
  • Coconut & Goji
  • Mint
  • Orange
  • Cinnamon
  • Strawberry & Pistachio
  • Nuts
  • Pineapple & Ginger
  • Fig & Wild Orange




Pana Chocolate is vegan and free from: dairy, gluten, soy and refined sugar.




If you do try Pana Chocolate I am sure you will love it as much as I do!♥

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