New Roots: Vegan Cheese

I have a new found love… a new cheese in town, in the form of New Roots vegan cheese! First of all I just want to say WOW! This is one of, if not the most tastiest cheese I have ever tasted! When I was strolling along in Wholefoods Market I was offered to taste a sample of each of their varieties of cheese – I was blown away by each one! I was amazed at how flavoursome every single one of their selection was!

I was especially drawn to this camembert soft cheese, and what also amazed me was the ingredients it contains, so of course I had to take one home with me! The flavour just erupts in your mouth making it so mouthwatering.

Even with it’s minimal amount of ingredients, this did not compromise it’s taste. So far I have used it as a spread, placed it under the grill on some bread, but however my favourite is to just cut slices and eat it on its own! (My next experiment is to use slices of it as a topping on some homemade pizza!)



Ingredients: Cashew nuts, water, himalayan salt and plant based fermentation and ripening cultures





100% vegan

100% artisan

100% organic




Their range of cheeses are all cashew nut based with vegan probiotics cultures. They have an impressive selection to choose from, so as well as the camembert style, they do cream cheeses, ricotta style cheeses and many others too, they even do a Greek style and ones with added herbs!

Definately an amazing plant based alternative to cheese!

Check out New Roots’ website to see their range of vegan cheeses by clicking here

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