About Me

Hello and welcome!

I am really happy that you are here visiting my blog…so thank you for being here!

My name is Kay, I am 34 years old, born and raised in London and now live in Kent. I am a wellness blogger and I will be sharing my discoveries and experiences with you which include healthy food recipes, reviews on food products and places to eat, fitness and my own personal journey which I hope you will find some inspiration from and find helpful in whatever journey you are on.

I started my Instagram account in 2016 where I was documenting my fitness journey and my discovery into a world of wellness and a more healthier lifestyle. Over the last couple of years my passion for food and living a more balanced lifestyle has grown. I love discovering new recipes, finding new ingredients and experimenting in the kitchen in order to make my own creation.

Unfortunately in 2017 I was diagnosed with an atypical eating disorder where I was admitted as an outpatient at an eating disorder clinic. I had started to severely restrict food and cut a lot of food groups out of my diet, as well as over exercising.

Though still currently living with an eating disorder, I have acquired more of an awareness into the illness, a new perception in life with a more positive view, which has led me to try and find my way back to a more healthier mindset and spread awareness of the illness which I will also be documenting on my blog. By giving you an insight into my journey, I hope that I can spread awareness and that you find it helpful and informative.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Kay xx